At the time I arived at the ´Huis Over Grenzen´ in Lommel (B) this morning, the cultural exchange project is already in full swing. 28 Youngsters from Italy, Germany, Moldova, Estonia and Belgium enjoy ´A Peace Of Art´: a two week programme at the impressive German war cemetary. All day noises and murmur come from different open-door workshops places at the venue. Music comes from downstairs, a theatre group is busy in the room beside our art-spot and dancers practice from the other side of the building. Everyone is getting ready for a final show on saturday. With an exhibition and several performances, including a few flash-mobs, at the city centre. These people make this place so vibrant! I am lucky to be in it for the next few days with my workshops. Charlotte, Marleen, Liina, Elis, Alexandra, Claudia, Johanna, Minthe and Catalina get ready!!